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Scottish Thistle -- SOLD
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Scottish Thistle Thistle Floor Plan

The Scottish Thistle is one of the newest private rail cars in service today.  Built for senior executives of the Canadian National Railway, it is first-class in every way, with a rear observation deck, full salon, formal dining room, two double staterooms, a full kitchen and staff quarters.

The Scottish Thistle's heavy duty underframe gives you the smoothest ride available in a rail car.  Designed for service in northern climates, it is extraordinarily well insulated.  With full air conditioning, you'll be cool in summer, warm in winter, and travel in quiet comfort the year round.

Sleeping:  The Scottish Thistle has two staterooms which can accommodate two adult passengers each.  Depending on age young children may be accommodated as well.

Dining:  As many as ten can be accommodated at a sit down meal in the Scottish Thistle dining room.

From its construction in 1959, the Scottish Thistle's history is purely Canadian.  The shell of the car was built by one of the premier manufacturers of the time, National Steel Car.  The completed shell was then delivered to the Canadian National Railroad's prestigious Montreal shops for the interior to be specially outfitted for the top management of the railroad.  For its entire life on the Canadian National Railroad, the Scottish Thistle was used throughout the system for executive transport, client entertainment and public relations efforts.

In its final assignment for the railroad, it served the Vice President of the Prairie Division based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  In 1994, the Scottish Thistle was purchased by its current owner from the Canadian National and repositioned to Southern California.

Due to its continuous service through the years, the car has been carefully maintained, updated and modernized.

See a video of a realtor selling a private railcar, on CNN Money.

Scottish Thistle Louis Sockalexis Louis Sockalexis

Scottish Thistle - Ready to Roll
Scottish Thistle - Ready to Roll

Scottish Thistle
Scottish Thistle

Scottish Thistle Lounge

Lunch is Ready
Lunch is Ready on the Scottish Thistle

Buffet on the Scottish Thistle

Dining Room
Dining Room on the Scottish Thistle

Candlelight Dinner
Candlelight Dinner on the Scottish Thistle

Along the Hudson River, at the rear of an Amtrak Train
The Scottish Thistle, along the Hudson River, at the rear of an Amtrak Train

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